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American Idol-Top 8-Songs from the year “you” were born

-Adam’s hair is back to normal. He has the pimp spot. Whoohoo
-OMG are they not announcing the judges and Ryan? Best show already. Hope they got rid of announcer guy for good
-Hey the bald guy from Fringe is there in character. How fun
-Judges baby pics. Let’s hope announcer wasn’t gone just for this week to show pics. Kara looks miserable in her picture. Well that wasn’t exactly a baby picture, Paula. Wow Simon was a really cute looking kid. Ryan just looked goofy

Danny Gokey-”Stand by me” All I can think about is Archie’s version which was Amazing. Ok this is totally different arrangement. I like changing a song but this isn’t working for me at all. He’s singing it ok. The ending was at least great!

Kris Allen-Pre interview with Ryan. He went to the beach on his day off to do cheesy things like ride the ferris wheel and they operator asked him if he was the guy from idol and when he said yes the guy said for him to say hi to adam. Such a great story . Aww he wanted to be a taxi driver. After last week I am so excited to see him. “All she wants to do is dance” Good vocals and I guess the song suits him well but I don’t like the song and I am really starting to hate the in the crowd performances. I think the judges are going to bash him. They do. Sorry, Simon how was that indulgent? But it was forgettable. Darn it.

Lil Rounds-”What’s love got to do with it” Alright. Like the song choice but there are just too many “Lil’s” in the world. She needs to change things up. Wow Simon. You are right. She was walking like Tina too. She’s not living up to judges potential but I don’t care. Lil, again you’re promising america and the judges to take a leap? Stop promising if you can’t deliver.

Anoop Desai-”True Colors” Totally a safe choice of song. In the preinterview they make a big deal about how I guess Anoop said “Excuse me” last week after Kara criticized him. I don’t remember this. Why are they bringing this up? And why is he apologizing? He got “Caught up” in the moment. Was that supposed to be funny? Yes, born same day as Cook. Wow it’s Steve from Blues Clues. He does so much better when he’s singing ballads. It was pleasant. I am sure he will be safe. Simon makes no sense. He says that if they can be mean to the contestants the contestants can be mean back. Right, like Megan last week? We all saw how you treated her simon

Scott Macintyre-Scott loves Halloween, playing the spooky music on the piano. That was weird pre package but funny. “The search is over” He has an electric guitar. Well play it already Scott!Ok vocals. Some bad notes. He seems awkward. I’m not impressed by anyone tonight. Paula says it should have been an acoustic guitar and Scott says “Punk side coming out” he is so funny.

Alison Iraheta-”I can’t make you love me” Oh I love this song. I remember when Kimberly Locke and Constantine perform it. She totally made it her own. She’s the best yet. Just really enjoyed it. I think this is her first ballad. Really nice

Matt Giraud-Wow this angel play he was the lead in when he was a kid was like the match game. “Part time lover” Oh I think I’m gonna love this. Oh he’s killing it already, Totally his kind of song. He made it his own. Really enjoyed this. Paula “Standing O” is not two words according to me.

Adam Lambert-Ahhh! A picture of him as a vampire. Pic of him as phantom? Can this get better? Loved how he said he loved everything except sports. “Mad world” Oooh. I actually do know this song. Very low key, Adam very stripped down. I love this song. Very controlled, very beautiful, very haunting. Best of the night. So they ran like 7 minutes over time so Simon only got to talk but he gave Adam a standing ovation. Has that ever happened before? I don’t think so. Bravo Adam
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