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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
7:53 pm
AI-Top 5-Rat Pack Era
American Idol-Top 5-Standards from the Rat Pack Era

-Ok Adam is going last. Kris is first. Kris looks hot. Alison looks beautiful
-Yeah, it would have made more sense for Michael Buble to be the mentor. But it’s Jamie Foxx. Whatever.

Kris Allen-Pre interview. Wait so with a download we get an autograph? Cool. Jamie says Kris isn’t doing the throat Olympics. He says he’s 1 is his book and wants to work with him. Wasn’t expecting that. “The way you look tonight” I love that song. I really liked it. Vocally strong and that last note was hot. Not quite like the last few weeks, but still awesome. Randy says it’s his best performance. I don’t agree with that, but I’ll take that. Kara says he’s the dark horse. He really is. Simon says he doesn’t feel Kris can win.

Alison Iraheta- She celebrated her 17th bday. “Someone to watch over me” Jamie tells her to sing about family. Wow! She looks like a star up there. Perfect vocals. Just beautiful. Randy says she’s like Pink but with more octaves. Kara says that if her performance that night doesn’t get her into finales she doesn’t know what will. Sorry, But Alison won’t be in finale. Simon wants to know if she thinks she can win. She says anyone can win. She needs confidence.

Matt Giraud-”My funny valentine” Jamie had no advice but then came back to tell Matt to change the key. I’m on the fence. It was good, but I wasn’t loving it, and I do love that song. Maybe I’m partial to Constantine’s version. I’m really shocked the judges didn’t throw him under the bus. Simon said he was brilliant. What’s going on?

Danny Gokey-Come rain or come shine” OMG I just about died laughing when Jamie had Danny sing right into his face “I’m going to love you” Wow. This is the first time I’m liking Danny and finally seeing what some of the hype is about. But it’s a little to late to get on my good side. What about all the other rotten performances or mediocre ones he’s had? This is the best Danny has ever done. He had such conviction. I’m actually going to guess that he’s going to be the best of the night. Wonder why they didn’t give him the pimp spot. Yes, Randy. He could have that kind of album

Adam Lambert-”Feeling Good” He’s gonna do the Muse version. Jamie “You don’t care about who I am at all” Adam’s reaction, laughing and walking away from the piano was priceless. I don’t know. I should be loving this, but I’m just liking it. Though that last note? Holy Heck that was amazing. Randy says it was kind of theatrical and Simon says him complaining about that is like complaining about a cow mooing. LOL. Simon also banishes Ryan from the stairs after Adam’s super cool entrance.

Best of Night-Danny. Can’t believe I said that
Who should go home-Matt
Who will go home-Alison.
7:48 pm
OLTL catch up
4-23-09-Thursday-Going Mobile
-David’s Back
-Awww. Talia on the memorial wall
-Blair! Oh no. I was really getting used to her not being on
-Why was John calling Fish?
-Love that Ray is calling Lola on her actions
-David. “Even in a limo, I don’t commute” and the 2nd hemorrhoid remedy lol
-RJ used to be with Tea? News to me
-Goodbye David. Him at the Sign to Dorian’s house was touching. I’m gonna miss him
-It’s John, no wait. It’s Michael. Smooth moves, Mcbains

4-24-09-Friday-Stab me once, shame on you
-Is the killer Fish or Kyle? I’m so confused. I want it to be Fish
-Oooh Schuyler just confronted Stacey with the bag of blood
-Wow Natalie. Brody’s an ex-marine. Stupid move to punch him, but made me laugh
-I’ve just noticed that JPL’s hair is really growing back
-Roxy “PI Joe” haha
-Gigi, don’t be mad at Rex if you won’t tell him the truth
-Cole is so going through withdrawals
-I love the Schuyler/Stacey/Rex scenes. Isn’t it sad that Schuyler is a better PI than Rex?
-I am really liking the Brody/ Natalie scenes
-How did John get in Marty’s room?
-What’s the fake room service guy doing? If this is the killer it can’t be Fish or Kyle because they are both elsewhere.
-Oh we know Gigi isn’t going to tell Rex
-I have no clue what the killer is supposed to be doing
-Cole! No to the Drugs!
-OMG. Schuyler just busted out the bag of blood to Rex
-I think Brody is finally going to tell Jess the truth
-Yes, Cole didn’t take the drugs
-I just had a wild thought. Could the killer be Miles? I would LOVE it, if the killer was Miles. I miss David Chism.

-Wait. David isn’t gone just yet. He had to visit Vicki! Yay
-Roxy is gonna pull the plug on “John Doe”
-Yes. Schuyler told Rex about Stacey dumping the blood. Come on Rex. Believe him
-Vicki’s reaction to “Have a seat” was priceless. OMG, David is also a client? Haha
-Vicki is so happy that David couldn’t screw over Bo. LOL at David wanting Vicki
-This is actually realistic with Roxy having to read the manual on how to pull the plug
-Thank You Schuyler for being the voice of reason
-Oh, Starr just found the pills
-Stupid Rex, believing Stacey
-Did Roxy really do it?
-Well at least Jess knows the truth now
-A before and after “Have a seat” commercial and “Bottoms up” lol
-Kristen and Buddy are rocking this pier scene. They are such strong actors.
-”St Stacey of the stem cells” Scott is rocking today as well
-Why did Roxy throw the manual away at the hospital?
-OMG John Doe just woke up. So scary. Who is it?
-Schuyler kicked Stacey out. About time
-Cole admitted he never stopped using
-So John Doe is dead. No wait. The nurse was lying. He’s alive. AHHH!
-Great episode full of excitement and wonderful performances

4-28-09-Tuesday-Kinda Hot
-Wasn’t it nice of Dorian to not tell her that David wasn’t her stepfather anymore?
-Todd putting on Tea’s powder? Haha
-LOL at Markko’s entrance. “Hey”
-Great now even the sight of a priest is shaking Gigi up
-Cole feels worthless. These pier scenes are so engaging
-Vicki there is never peace and quiet
-Jessica and Brody make love. I’m glad they are happy
-Markko/Langston decided to wait
-The palace scenes are great with everyone running into each other. What is Todd doing behind the bar, mixing drinks? Haha
-Poor Shane, being told his parents are splitting up
-Cole asks Starr for her help and she agrees. Awesome
-Austen W. was amazing today as he was crying over the breakup. I felt so bad for the kid
-So Langston/Markko are going to wait until Prom Night.
-OMG, Todd, dumping his date was so funny
Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
12:30 pm
American Idol-Top 7 Results
So they are doing split screens of the contestants. I wish I had this on tape so I could slow it down because I’m sure there is importance in it. Idol likes to tell us in some ways who is going to win, who is going to be in the finale by doing certain things. Like it’s no coincidence that Adam/Danny were the last two split screens
-Disco medley by original artists? Not looking forward to that. But Archie. He’s adorable
-Paula is choreographing the group number. This is cute Danny thinks of himself as a good dancer? What world is he living on? Matt downloading himself as a ringtone..lol What happened to Adam’s glasses? Did he lose them? This is so lip synched, yet they have the stupid head microphones. It’s the Britney Spears effect. This was pretty fun to watch. I guess they had to wait for Scott to leave to do this. Paula got flowers. I really wish this had happened last year. Just imagine Cook, Castro and Archie dancing.
-Ford Vid. Nothing lives up to the “Circus” one but this is cute, everyone working their day jobs until they get to go to open mic night
-Results. Lil is first. Don’t know how they are doing results. Ok they are doing sides of the stages I think because they sent Lil to the left side. Oh wow. That’s it. She was just booted. I’m not surprised she’s out but they way they did it was shocking, which was cool. Lil performs. Pretty good. Only 18 minutes into the show, they are so gonna save the last result for the end
-Here we go. The dreaded disco medley. First woman has a really bad prom dress on. She is singing “Band of Gold”. I never considered this a disco song. She did alright. Next woman, this is totally a disco song. I think zombies tore off the front part of her dress. At least she’s singing this decently and having fun with Simon. Oh no. it’s K. C. I know what we’re in for and it’s not good. He looks like a lame pirate. This is so bad. Don’t sing. Don’t dance. Just don’t. This is sad, and hard to watch. Just make it go away. Oh Thank God. That’s it. Whew
-Wait so they are still doing the bottom three? Kris is first. Ahhhh. I think he’s safe. Yes he is. Still never in bottom 3. Go Kris. He’s like the reverse Castro in the sense that he’s getting better and better each week. When it counts. Adam. Tons of screams. We know he’s safe. I like how Ryan just said casually “Just take a seat. You’re safe” Ok I think I can breathe easy now. Danny. Hmmm. Could he possibly be in the bottom 3? Oh please. Simon is being cruel and doesn’t want to explain what being clumsy means. What’s his problem? Man, he’s safe. Wait. There’s only three left on the couch. Aren’t they the bottom three? What’s going on? Anoop is in the bottom. Oh it’s the bottom two, cause Lil was technically the 3rd. Ok down to Alison/Matt. It’s gotta be Matt. What? He’s safe. How is Alison in the bottom so many times? She was so awesome this week. Alison is taking it all in stride, singing “Here it goes again” haha. Please let it be Anoop
-Archie is on singing “Touch my hand” Did his voice get lower? Wow this isn’t working at all. His voice is totally off. This is not the Archie I’m used to. The song is ok, but it’s clear why I didn’t buy his cd. I knew he was touring with Mcfly (which is huge) but Demi Lovato too? So cool. I love her and Mcfly. Archie is giving a speech to the bottom 2. Seriously is he going to stop talking soon? Cause he just goes on and on and on
-Ok Final judgement. If it’s Alison and they wasted the save last week, I’m gonna scream. It’s anoop. Thank God. Let’s look back at the amazing journey of the names of Anoop and Lil. Lil seems happy. Ryan’s giving Lil another chance to talk? Come on. Anoop, thank you for acknowledging the people behind the scenes.
-The right two people went home.
-Next week’s them. Rat Pack! Whoohoo!
12:28 pm
4-22-09-Wednesday- Ungentle love
-Wow. Can Christian show any emotion? Tika is rocking this scene. It’s the best work Tika has had the opportunity of doing.
-I got a little choked up when Antonio touched Talia
-I can already tell. Tika is going to be the best part of today’s episode. Why do they not give this actress more meaty material to do? She is wonderful. I’ve known that, but sometimes you forget.
-Michael Easton is looking a lot more like he did when he first joined Port Charles
-Uh Tea/Todd do realize they have cameras in court right? Anyway that was hot. It’s like I love you, I really hate you.
-Ray, lola is more than wounded. She’s crazy!
-I’m kind of happy that Starr admitted there was something between her and Cole. It’s like the old Starr is back
-Like we’re really supposed to fall for thinking Antonio thinks John is the killer?
-Ok I laughed out loud when Todd tried to zipper Tea’s dress and she angrily shooed him away.
-Look at that! Memories of Talia we’ve never seen!
-Poor Jamie. I guess this means Antonio is moving and this is his out. What the heck is Antonio going to do to get John out of jail? Oh he totally just passed something to John during that handsake.
-Rachel is an awesome counselor. I’m glad that Cole turned in the drugs he had, but does nobody at this center check people’s pockets when they enter?
-Kamar rocked the scene where he said goodbye to Talia holding her lifeless body
-RJ! I really don’t know why I’m so happy to see him. I have no idea of his history with Tea
-John’s escape was the easiest jailbreak ever. But this is going to make him look more suspicious.
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
9:45 am
American Idol-Top 7-Disco Week
-Recap of Matt being saved
-Is the fire background for “Disco Inferno”? Cause that’s what I fear we’ll be in tonight
-Adam looks hot. He is so gonna do something slow.
-Wow. They just went right into the songs. No Disco package or contestants pre package. I kind of want those back, but apparently AI can’t run on time with them

Lil Rounds-”I’m every woman” I think Lil is doing really well tonight. She sounds good. Is it amazing? No, but she delivered more than other weeks. Randy says she didn’t show vocal control. What? Wow the judges are hating her. It’s like she’s Syesha and it’s top 3 week (except Syesha was way better) and the judges/producers are making sure she goes home. Simon says this is her last week. I bet he’s right. Ugh, Ryan, why are you letting her talk again? She talks every week!

Kris Allen-Yay for pre-interview. OMG. He’s doing “She works hard for her money” Is that a joke? No. He’s really doing it. Oh I think it’s gonna be awesome because he has his guitar with him. This isn’t going to be a disco version. He is so reminding me of Castro, the way he said he picked the song because it was about a woman, who worked hard for her money. Oooh he’s got the percussion down on stage with him. He is sounding great. He almost pulled a Cook “Always be my baby” not in the sense that this was a “moment” but in a sense that he picked a song NOBODY expected him to do and changed it up to fit him. Kara says his risk paid off big time, Paula says he shops in the women’s dept, Simon says it was original, thought out and fantastic. Randy says he’s ready for the big time. I agree. What an amazing surprise Kris turned out to be in this competition. He’ll never win, but I pray he makes it to 3rd place.

Alison is wearing Danny’s glasses and he is pretending to be blind. Uh, nice way to illustrate the blind, Danny. Did you already forget about Scott?

-Danny Gokey-”September” Ok I literally jumped at his first note. What was that? This is so karaoke. Not liking this at all. Really not original in the least. I still don’t get what they hype is over this guy. He got praised by the judges, paula calling his voice one of the sexiest ever. Really Paula? At least Simon got in a little dig. Still he will be in finale and probably win because I feel jaded this year.

Alison Iraheta-”Hot Stuff” She’s on the stairs with this dramatic lighting. She slowed the song a lot down. It’s sounding amazing. Very sultry. Again, like Kris she made this song work for her. Kara and Randy didn’t like the arrangement. Whatev. Simon says it was brilliant.

Adam Lambert-Pre interview. He’s doing “If I can’t have you” and wants to connect emotionally. Wow. I’m not even recognizing this song. Holy Crap! He blew me away. The vocals were amazing, the arrangement was amazing and he totally connected. Best of the night. Again, taking a song and making it suit him. Randy says he’s a hot one, Kara says he looks like the guy from SNL (I think she meant Sat Night FEVER) meets Clark Kent. Paula was on the verge of tears and Simon says it was original and the vocals were immaculate.

Matt Giraud-”Stayin’ Alive” Ok he’s keeping it the same arrangement but he still managed to put his Timberlake style on it. He kind of made the song a little cool. Kind of mixed reviews for the judges.

Anoop Desai-”Dim all the lights” I’ve never heard of this song. The start was really good when it was slow, but as soon as the tempo picked up it was corny. It just didn’t feel right. But the vocals were ok. Kara says she could hear that on the radio? Really? What station is she listening to? I half agreed with Simon. He said that he prayed the tempo wasn’t going to go up like I did, but then he says it’s his worst performance by a mile. I wouldn’t go that far. Can we say Michael Jackson night, anyone?

Despite some mediocre performances, Disco Night was way better than expected thanks to Adam, Kris and Alison (My 3 favs left) who turned their songs around and put on fantastic performances.

Honestly, I don’t know how they are going to deliver results tonight. If we will even have a bottom 3 or what they are going to do but I say Lil and Anoop are gone. There’s no way Danny is leaving, and Matt should stay although I won’t be sad if he leaves.
9:44 am
-Wow. I just realized Layla is going to be living alone now
-Now Dorian is blaming Ray for the murders again? How quickly she changes
-Liking the Langston/Lola feud
-Love Ray letting Markko talk and believing him
-Dorian called Lola a “skanky ho”. Ray is a big enough man to apologize for Lola
-Rachel is saving Llanview’s youth one at a time
-Lola just ratted Cole out
-Todd to Tea “Hey honey. What’s new” haha
-I think this is the least I’ve ever written about an episode so far. It was an ok episode, but aside from the Montez/Wilde feud there just wasn’t much to comment on.
Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
12:02 pm
OLTL:Sleeps with the fishes/officer down
4-17-09-Friday-Sleeps with the fishes
-Hey I remember when Marcie gave Shane that Pirate book too.
-How did Stacey smuggle her phone in when she’s giving her marrow?
-The title of this episode is making me suspicious. Is the killer Fish?
-The starr/Cole scenes are really touching
-If Gigi can tell anyone what’s going on it’s Marcie
-Oooh. Schuyler/Rex meet. Best scene. Just the awkwardness of how Schuyler was trying to play up the fact that he lived with Stacey and she was trying to say it was no big deal. Plus a Scott/JPL scene! I’ve been waiting for this! They have similar acting styles
-Talia! Why are you ratting John out?
-Starr says she acted out in different ways. Is she talking about Schuyler?
-Wow! Schuyler is having all kinds of awkward moments today
-Roxy orchestrated the switch
-Who did Talia run into? It almost seems like she knew the person.
-Oh I pray Schuyler saw Stacey throwing the blood away, but I’m not holding my breath.
-John Doe has some brain activity
-This is it. Talia is dead. RIP Talia

4-20-09-Monday-Officer Down
-Please Schuyler. Open the bin
-What the heck is wrong with Charlie? Is it really just Clint?
-God, I’m really thinking the killer is Fish, though I can’t find a motive.
-Boy Marty is REALLY smart to come out like that
-Fish is accusing John. I know he’s always seemed to be on John’s side and helping him but maybe he’s been the killer all along. I just can’t figure out why. And I’ll be sad cause I always liked Fish. Fish knew that Rosen’s ring was in the evidence room too.
-Love Schuyler calling Stacey out on her stuff. Scott is rocking today
-Fish told John about his prints being on the knife. Let’s face it. Besides Talia, Fish was the only other one who was in Rosen’s room before the police officially showed up. He could have gotten John’s prints.
-Loved the Rex/gigi hug
-Stacey so badly needs a reality check, and I don’t know why Schuyler keeps coming back to her
-Fish telling John to run before the cops got there is suspicious. If John runs he will look more suspicious.
-Oh I think John Doe just tried to strangle Roxy
-Is Shane rejecting Stacey’s marrow?
-Poor Shane. It was really hard to see him so sick
-Roxy about John Doe “It’s Alive” haha
-Wait. What? Charlie isn’t living with Vicki? I thought he was. Now I get why he’s upset. And I kind of get why he doesn’t feel comfortable living at Llanfair
-Stacey saying God was punishing Gigi for almost telling Rex the truth. Wow
-Oh man, it’s so Fish. John don’t run. Omg, for a second I thought he was going to run.
-Roxy’s 3 words was like a Paula Abdul moment
-Crystal Hunt was great when Stacey was telling Gigi that she spit in God’s face.
-Well I guess Charlie is moving to Llanfair after all
-Yes! Schuyler found Stacey’s Blood!
-John Doe’s Shadow arm reaching out was kind of creepy
-John did the right thing by getting arrested.
Monday, April 20th, 2009
10:01 am
American Idol-Top 7 Results
-Movie trailer opening. Kind of fun
-Kris says anyone can go home but then they highlight Kris as one of the best of the night.
-Dialidol.com says that Kris got the lowest amt of votes, But I hope they are wrong like last week
-That intro was totally pretaped because why would Ryan go back up the stairs only to come back down?
-Crap. They have Kris/lil together on the couch. They are going to pair them and I’m scared since Dialidol.com says Kris got the lowest amt of votes. (Though they were either wrong last week or producer manipulation)
-Ford Commercial. All the idols on magazine covers. “Freeze Frame” Kind of cool
-The group song is “maniac” well it’s a good song to represent the movies, but who are picking these group songs? Kris singing to Kara and she singing back was awesome. More awesome though was Simon not paying attention and Alison swinging him around in his chair and singing to him. Pretty interesting that Danny/Adam are the only two singing on the towers
-Backstage at the idols attending the 17 again premiere. They are joking that Alison was saying on the ride over how hot she thought Zac Effron was.
-Zac’s in the audience looking hot.
-Alison is safe
-Adam. Loved how he asked Simon if the Rocky Horror comment was an insult and Simon jokes “no” haha. He’s safe
-Anoop. I think he’s in the bottom. Yup he is
-Jenifer Hudson performance. Nice little pre package. She sings “If this isn’t love” Cool song. Why doesn’t she seem to know anything about the tour she’s on? Way to promote yourself J.Hud
-Ryan says he sees that Anoop is frustrated. Ugh. When is he not frustrated?
-Kris and Lil are up next. Ahhh. So nervous. OMG! Simon made sure to tell Kris that he was “Brilliant” Yay! So awesome. I wish we had gotten to hear that the night of the performance. 1 is in the bottom three. Ryan tells Kris to take a seat, but he’s not stupid, he wants to make sure what seat it is that Ryan’s talking about. Yes he’s safe. Lil is in the bottom
-Matt and Danny are up next. Like I really have to guess who is in the bottom? Why does Randy have to chime in that Danny was great? Ugh. Danny is safe, Matt in bottom. I guessed the b3 correctly for once
-Come on. Send Matt back to safety. Anoop is safe. Lil/Matt
-Miley Cyrus performs “The Climb” she sings it good, but her hair in her face is major distracting. There’s a lot of fog
-Simon says considering saving one and that person would be surprised. Please let it be Matt
-The never cut away was lol
-Matt is out. Shoot I liked him. Come on. Use the save. Matt sing the song better this time. Paula/Kara are singing dancing. Aren’t they supposed to be deliberating? Do they already know they are going to use the save? Crowd is going nuts for them to save Matt.
-Simon says Matt has no chance at winning but they are using the save on him. I’m happy
-Oh great. Next week two go home and it’s DISCO week. Never good
10:00 am
OLTL Good Cop, John Cop/Renouncing Satan...or not
4-15-09-Wednesday-Good cop, John Cop\
-Oh great. Now Cole is gonna get Markko to pee in the cup for him
-Come on John! Nora lived with a serial killer. I think she can handle one in a room
-With Zach Nora says it is 9:25. At the same time Rachel says it’s an hour before HS starts. What kind of school starts so late?
-Langston got more red in her hair. Oh it brings me back to old school Langston. Love
-Todd, you would not even know about schuyler if Cole hadn’t told you
-So I guess we never got to see the march mixer but I bet we see this dream prom
-Destiny grilling the jerks. Love her character but don’t know about the actress
-Yeah, Cole. Taking the pill for your “head” was a one time deal. Sure
-Yes, Rachel. Matthew caring what others thought is what him in trouble in the first place
-The teen jerks skipped school
-Zach isn’t the killer
-The jerks are only being nice to Matthew because they don’t want to get sued
-Oh so it’s Destiny’s brother that she wants Sean to call. Who is their brother?
-I was hoping Matthew wasn’t going to let Becca get to him. I was wrong. Ugh
-Rachel’s going to be Cole’s counselor. Yay
-So a knife was found under Zach’s floorboards. I’m telling you. It’s not Zach
-Wow. That Todd/Tea fight slash almost sex scene was electric!

4-16-09 Thursday- Renouncing Satan…or not
-That was perfect timing when Chloe dropped her toy
-I’m so glad that Clint thanked Charlie for letting him talk to vicki
-I find it so amusing how John is still on the “in” on the cases
-The Todd/Tea scenes are amazing. She is trying so hard to resist him
-Cole told Starr about telling her father about Mr. J
-Tea gave in, and it’s kind of hot
-Really Jess? You go to see Nash a lot? Cause I’ve never seen you do that
-Lola is the new Britney.
-Uh-Oh. Now Cole knows something is up about Hope dying
-Well I think Nora not going to the Christening is the nail in the coffin for her and Clint
-That sounded hard when Todd hit Tea. Oh she’s not gonna help him
-I like that tea is using Todd
-What happened to Reverend Carpenter?
-It was so sweet when Cole put on the necklace for Starr. They really do have chemistry
-Cole is gonna be on the hunt for what happened to Hope and this time the truth will come out
-Yay Langston/Markko for standing up to Lola
-Wait. The fingerprint on the knife is John’s? How the heck did that get there?
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009
4:47 pm
American Idol-Top 7-Songs from the movies
-”This is Quentin Tarentino”
-I think the stupid announcer is gone for good. Yay!
-Wow Paula reminds me of an expensive panther today
-Simon says only two judges will get to talk for every contestant because of time sake. Ugh. I actually want to hear what Simon has to say. This is going to hurt and help some contestants. Why can’t they just get rid of Kara?
-I’m still not sure what qualifies Quentin to be a mentor but at least he’s great with constructive criticism

Alison Iraheta-”I don’t want to miss a thing” I really hate this song (And yes, I do know Cook did it last year) Well at least she’s changing it and making it her own. Very solid. Paula says she has the same sauce as Adam. I sort of agree with that. Simon said she’s the girl’s only hope. Totally agree with that

Anoop Desai- “Everything I do (I do it for you” So Quentin wants him to growl? Oh no. Again I like the way he slightly changes the song with melodies and phrasing to make it different. He didn’t growl. Very nice vocal

Adam Lambert-”Born to be wild” He’s not really changing it. I’m not totally loving this one. Ok from the middle to the end when he got into his groove it was good. Nobody is even in the same league as Adam, local wise. Simon says it’s polarizing. I agree. I much prefer Adam when he does the slower songs.

-Matt Giraud-Pre interview with Ryan. I love his outfit. Oh no, Matt. We know what happens when you do songs you like. “Have you ever really loved a woman” I love this song. Oh no. This is not suiting him at all. His voice isn’t right for this song. He sounds tired and off. Stupid Kara. He can do both soul and Rock

Danny Gokey-OMG he says he just bought a guitar but has never played one. Please don’t tell me he’s gonna pull a Chikeze Harmonica move. Oh he’s not. Thank God. “Endless Love” Is Quentin saying he has Archie Hamburger hands? Haha Ok this song is really pretty and he’s singing it alright, but I was totally bored the first half of the song. Simon compared him to when Cook did “Hello” and how Cook made it his own. Yeah!

Kris Allen-”Falling Slowly” OMG. I LOVE THIS SONG. This was amazing. Best of the night. It was done with such sincerity and passion. His voice sounded beautiful. He took my breath away. Randy didn’t care for him but Kara loved it and you know Paula did. Please don’t go home

Lil Rounds-”The Rose” Well just when her hair was looking good, THIS happens. Ok her voice is actually annoying me. The Gospel part was better. There was one quick moment when I was touched. Other wise I was not impressed. Paula didn’t even comment on the performance. Simon says she’s not the artist he thought. Lil defends herself, which good for her, but I’m sick of hearing her talk.

Bottom three-Anoop, Lil, Matt. (Wants Anoop or Lil to go home) I think Matt will go.
4:46 pm
4-14-09-Tuesday-Ready, aim, liar
-oh schuyler thinks Kyle is Rex
-John “Nice shot” Todd “Maybe I missed” love it
-Ok the police showed up but Todd wouldn’t have killed John
-Vicki/Charlie. How I’ve missed you
-I bet someone’s gonna come through the door and ruin Vicki/Charlie’s night. Yup. It’s Clint. Why does everyone take this woman for granted? Don’t they think she has better things to do than sit around and spew out advice?
-Stacey says Kyle came over to calm her down. Thank you schuyler for not believing that bull
-Rachel is good for matthew
-Cole really needs a fix
-Yeah Starr. Only Todd and Cole saved you. What about John???
-Wow Todd’s on a lot of medications
-Stacey has to get her marrow out anyway. I like that
-Yeah, what did happen to Dallas?
Didn’t Nora/Bo hear Clint walk away?
-Gigi will tell everyone the truth once Shane gets the marrow. I kind of doubt this will happen
-Schuyler is sorry because Stacey chose someone who doesn’t love her over someone who does
-Zach is so evil
-Thank God Cole isn’t that stupid to drive high again
-Yup, the killer is still on the loose.
4:45 pm
Buffy the vampire slayer-The pack
-The gang is at the zoo. A group of kids are teasing Buffy. They must be the pack
-Oh lance is in trouble. Are they Hyenas?
-Hyenas call out your name at night. Kind of creepy
-Wow that’s a really fake hyena
-Hmm. Were the group hyenas before? No I actually think they just got possessed now…along with Xander
-I’m really liking horrible Xander
-Ok so the pig knew something was up with Xander before Buffy did?
-I’m a little shocked Willow is so good at dodge ball
-OMG. Xander totally just hit Willow on purpose. I feel so bad for Willow
-You know this Hyena thing could be really cheesy but I’m loving it
-Wow! It was hard to watch when the pack turned on Lance and started pelting him
-Poor Willow again! Xander totally just made fun of her and enjoyed doing so.
-Hey it’s Steven from “Fuse” again, with highlights (lol) talking about music
-God I love this pack
-OMG. The slow motion scene of the pack walking around outside of school was totally engaging. This is slow motion used properly!
-Willow thinks there’s something wrong with her and not Xander. Awww
-Willow “Why couldn’t Xander be possessed by a puppy or some ducks?” lol
-Wow. That Xander/Buffy scene where it was almost like sexual assault was creepy but so awesome. I was glued to the screen.
-The goofy principal just got eaten by the pack!!!
-Wait. There’s a cage in the library?
-Ok the scene where the girl with the baby stumbled upon the pack in the woods waking up and almost attacking her was scary!
-Xander’s playing with Lilly’s emotions just to let him out
-Yes! Willow wasn’t fooled by Xander
-Oh great. The pack is gonna come after Willow
-Ok the pack climbing up the library windows calling out to Willow was sooo chilling
-Hmmm. What’s with random family? Oh they got attacked by the pack in their car. Yikes
-Love Buffy on top of the car
-I have a bad feeling this zookeeper isn’t a good guy
-Willow is in trouble again!
-Now the powers left the kids and went into the zookeeper
-Well the zookeeper was just eaten by the hyenas
-So Xander lied about having no memory about what he did to any of them, and Giles knows he was lying but swears to keep his secret.

My Thoughts-Ok another non vampire episode, and what do you know, just like “witch” it’s another home run. An episode about a group of kids possessed by hyenas could have come off as really cheesy and bad (like the bug episode) but this was executed so well. The stunts have gotten so much better, the direction of the episode was great. The shock of the principal being killed. I loved evil Xander, I really did. So many parts of the episode were truly creepy and I never would have thought scenes like that would be a part of this episode. I think what I loved most about this episode was that, yeah, it was about Hyena possession, but what it really was about, was Xander and his relationship with Buffy and Willow. We see how Willow really feels about Xander and how hurt she is when he treats her horribly. It says a lot about Willow and her insecurities because she assumes something is wrong with her. Also Xander’s relationship with Buffy, and how much he is into her and likes feeling dangerous because those are the type of guys she goes for. Still the heart of the episode was Willow/Xander. That’s what helped this episode go beyond just another “creature of the week” episode.

My Grade-A+
4:44 pm
How I met your mother-Slutty Pumpkin
-It’s a Halloween episode! Yay!
-Barney is so right about girls letting out their inner hoe bags. “Slutty cat, slutty witch”
-LOL at everyone telling Ted’s story. Their friendships feel so authentic
-OMG. Lilly as Sonny and Marshall as Cher? Awesome
-Wow. Who would have thought Marshall would have made an amazing Jack Sparrow?
-Lily needing help using the bathroom cause her costume is elaborate. So true
-OMG. Barney’s flight pilot slow motion, music playing, hair tossing entrance? BEST ENTRANCE EVER! Laughed for like two minutes
-Barney “Here’s the plan and I crap you not”
-Robin’s date showed up in costume and she had none
-The singing group at the party!
-Marshall’s pirate voice was sooo goofy. I think I really love Marshall
-”The Barnacle”
-Barney’s spare costume as the devil
-Priceless scene where the devil and angel are on each side of Ted weighing in on him peeing off the room
-Loved Lilly/Marshall’s picture and how they tried to make it seem that Lilly was on his shoulder by having her stand on top of the bar in the back
-Robin is so bad at the dating thing. Her nickname for Mike “Microwave oven” haha
-Barney’s magic trick exit backfiring. Lol
-Don’t blame Mike for breaking up with Robin. She was being really weird
-Is the penguin the slutty pumpkin? I don’t think so. I bet it’s Barney
-Yup. It’s Barney
-Barney flipper-ing Ted off
-Marshall winning costume contest for gay pirate

My Thoughts-I LOVED this episode. I can’t get over how strong the first season of this show started out. Usually it takes time for a show to get into it’s groove, but they’ve already found it. First of all it’s a Halloween episode and I love Halloween, so I was excited to watch this one. I like how Ted waiting for the slutty pumpkin was kind of like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin (even though they never mentioned that) The Halloween party up on the roof was filled with great scenes, mostly thanks to Barney who had multiple costumes and added a lot of humor to the episode. I don’t think anything can top that entrance AND the angel/devil scene was so perfect. Robin’s storyline was helped greatly by the cuteness and comedy of Lilly/Marshall. I am so falling in love with Marshall and I never thought that would ever happen.

My Grade-A+
4:44 pm
4-13-09-Monday-Past, present tense
-So in the process of kissing Stacey, Schuyler got a black eye?
-Yes, Jessica. You’re not the only one who thinks Gigi is not making sense
-Wow. Schuyler really does love Stacey
-Todd is just trying to play head games with Zach. We all know he loves Starr
-Rex! He would have heard the truth if he hadn’t jumped in!
-How the heck would Marty know about air ducts?
-Why is Cole so un-high right now?
-Starr, Zach just let go of you. Run or at least take the tape off of your mouth
-Wow! Natalie and Jared are *so* smart for burning the evidence in their room
-Why is nobody hearing John crawling around?
-Finally Starr escaped
-Omg a Jared and Natalie sex tape? I don’t even want to think about that
-Is it really that easy to break a dvd, Natalie?
-John took down Zach
-So in a second (Which was all it took for Rex to enter Shane’s hospital room) Somehow Schuyler left his place and came back and Kyle showed up???
-Come On Roxy. Tell Gigi the truth. Ok well you told her some of it.
-I was laughing at Todd trying to not get in the way of the gun and the way he just picked it up and fired it? Well it wasn’t exactly in self defense.
Monday, April 13th, 2009
11:46 am
4-10-09-Friday-Payback is a …
-Oh Markko! Just tell the truth
-Todd “My daughter is with a convicted…well”
-It really moved me when Ray said “No woman should be taken from their husband”
-Oh Thank God Markko told the truth. Now Langston. Believe him.
-Wait so Stacey doesn’t get why he got involved with Starr but then wonders why he didn’t get with her?
-At least Ray is manning up to his games. He’s winning me back
-Oooh David’s calling. Is he gonna be on?
-I love how Jess kind of looks like Tess
-OMG Zach took Starr to the bedroom
-Todd just pay Zach already
-Ok so Stacey was kidding. I really do like Schuyler/Stacey
-Now Dorian tells David the photo was a joke
-OMG Lola. She told Ray that she told the truth but Langston wouldn’t understand and called her a slut. She is evil
-Thank you Langston for believing in Markko. And I think it’s eventually going to come out that Lola killed her mother
-Gigi is gonna tell Jess the truth
-Oooh Rex overhead Gigi tell Jess that nothing happened with Brody. I hope this sets the wheels in Rex’s head in motion
-I liked the Stacey/Schuyler kiss
-Is Zach really suggesting raping Starr? Yikes
Friday, April 10th, 2009
11:38 am
American Idol-Top 8-Results
-Again the dramatic “finale” style type of recap. This is so much better than just boring recaps
-Look It’s Mario Lopez in the audience. Oh joy! Blah
-Flo-Rida/Kellie Pickler tonight. Ugh
-Kara says one of the front runners is having an identity crisis. Has to be Lil
-I don’t know what to say about the photoshopped pic of Simon and Paula together as babies
-Simon was born the year “Venus” came out. Dude I love that song. Yes I’m aware most people who are 25 don’t know that song but I’ve loved it since I was tiny.
-OMG Frankie Avalon is really there. He’s singing Venus. This makes up for the other musical acts. Simon is really surprised. The judges are so thrilled
-Group song. “Can’t get you out of my head” well it’s live but this is a terrible choice. At least Scott is not stuck at the piano. Lots of Adam time. Loved that he got the line “There’s a dark secret in me” hehe
-Ok behind the scenes of ford video. It’s like a magic show. Adam’s hair and makeup is almost like Cook’s in Tainted Love. Could it be? Could my favorite director be doing this video? YESSSS. It’s Shane Drake! He talks about piercing the audience’s souls. Love him to death. “You strike a pose and be kind of magical” he is sooo crazy! Ah they are doing “Circus” That was the best video of the year. But why was anoop of all people dressed like a valet?
-Yes, Adam. Simon’s never stood up in all 8 years. Wow Matt has a really aggressive fan in the audience. Results. Adam is up. Like we even have to bother.
-Kris is up too along with Anoop. Oh no dial idol. Com put Kris in Bottom three, possibly leaving. Please, Not Kris.
-Oooh I love that the judges are getting a chance to talk about Adam’s performance. Adam is safe. No kidding.
-Kris and Anoop. One is in the bottom three. It’s anoop. Yes. Kris is once again not in the bottom three. Whoo hoo. Sail on Kris! I really don’t care now who goes home as long as Alison is safe.
-Here comes Flo-Rida obviously pre-taped. I’m confused. How many people are singing this song. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard, but I could do without this. Lots of people are just wandering the stage. LOL at the shot of the singer girl just shaking her shoulders. So ridiculous. When Flo-Rida threw his sweatshirt I totally thought a body flew in the air. Now THAT would have been entertaining. Wait. What did “Roots” stand for? Rappers overcoming the struggle? What about the other O? Maybe I missed something. They totally edited out the website to check him out. It’s the braddy bunch.com all over again.
-Ok they’ve moved Danny to top row. He’s safe, Darn.
-Matt. Come on. Be safe. Man that fan is really aggressive. Why do they always have to mess with Matt’s mind? Ugh
-Scott. Oh he’s in bottom three. We all know it.
-Anoop do you not want to sit near Scott? What was that all about? I’m not liking you, Anoop
-Alison and Lil. God please let it be Lil. It’s mentioned that she’s never been in the bottom 3 so I think it’s going to be her. Yup it is. Yay! Though she won’t go home just yet.
-This is exactly who the bottom 3 should be.
-Uh Simon says the “save” never mattered before? Uh what about Alexis? That safe mattered the most because she would have gotten to go on tour.
-Hmm. Simon says considering 1 or two to save. Please don’t save Lil. Nobody here deserves to be saved. They’ve only got like two more weeks left to use the save so if Adam/Danny never make it in the bottom, save the save for Kris or Alison.
-Kellie Pickler. Not much to say. The song isn’t bad.
-Ok Lil is safe
-Hmm. I’m gonna say Anoop is gone. Either way nobody is gonna be saved, though they might consider it if it’s Scott
-Wow. Anoop looks so mad. I hate his attitude.
-Scott is gone. He’s gonna sing with no guitar. He’s doing a good job
-The girls are standing up. I think they would consider the save on him, but try getting a yes from all the judges and it won’t happen. I think the girls are just cheering Scott on for all he’s accomplished.
-Simon says he didn’t care about the save last week and neither did Megan. He says two people think Scott should stay. Hmmm. Wonder who that could be? Lol
-Don’t beg Scott!
-Oh god, just tell Scott his fate already. Ok, not saved. I actually thought he’d last a bit longer. Like one week longer, certainly past anoop.
-I don’t know if producer manipulation was involved with Kris not being in the bottom three at all, but I suspect it was. As much as I hate manipulation, when it goes my way, I’m happy!
11:35 am
OLTL-Teach your Children well/+ Thursday
4-8-09-Wednesday-Teach your children well

-Starr, did Cole really mess everything up between you and Schuyler?
-Dude, John. Are you even armed?
-Jack is awesome calling Dorian kissing Ray cheating and then when Dorian grabbed him saying that is what you call abuse. OMG. He said to Ray “Hey Senor” He is so Todd
-Oh Schuyler. Come on. We all know you want to read Starr’s letter
-Starr you actually didn’t tell Blair that the guy you liked was your ex teacher
-Oooh we’re going to get a Cole/Todd scene. Love those
-OMG. Todd imitating Cole/Brandon “w….w…wasted” LOL.
-Starr is a little bit psycho but I do believe Schuyler does have feelings for her.
-Is Ray using reverse psychology on Jack?
-Is John trying to get arrested? What?
-Oh so Ray’s just trying to scare Jack
-Blair, you sicken me. You know good and well that John only married you to help you.
-Oh ok. So John wants Fish and Talia to search Zach’s place
-Cole telling Todd about Schuyler/Starr. Yikes!
-I think Starr is kind of half delusional. I wouldn’t say Schuyler is sooo into her, but he’s into her
-Wow. She said she loved Schuyler.
-OMG I cannot wait for Todd to confront Schuyler
-Jack “Your uncle is a horse’s butt” love Jack
-Oooh Schuyler wants to write Starr a letter
-Rachel understands Cole. I like this new Rachel
-How did Cole get knocked out?
Schuyler threw away whatever he started to write to Starr, but too late cause Todd’s there.
-Starr walks in on Zach. Trouble!

4-9-09-Thursday (Some Spanish Title)
-Lola! Ugh. She just annoys the heck out of me
-Schuyler and Todd are going to be awesome
-Starr/Zach are gonna be awesome too
-Um, like Ray has the right to judge Lola for making moves on Markko when he’s doing the same thing with Dorian?
-Yeah, Jack may turn into Todd
-Tea/Vicki boring. Is this all vicki is on now for? As a soundboard?
-Continuity problem Why is Marty’s hair all of a sudden straight?
-OMG. Scott Clifton was amazing. All these years of watching him on GH and I’ve never seen him cry an actual tear. Bravo Scott
-Zach is actually making sense to Starr
-Ewww at Langston asking Dorian if her uncle was a good kisser
-OMG at Todd saying that Schuyler’s mom killed herself because she found out he swam in the kiddie pool.
-Is Zach coming on to Starr? Creepy! Yes! Cole’s awake
-Trevor is really awesome as well today. He really does have problems with any guy Starr likes because of his past
-oooh I knew cole was using his phone
-delete the pic Dorian!
-Yay lola for calling out Ray
-Wow! Schuyler says that if starr is going after the wrong guys it’s todd’s fault
-Now John knows about the hostage situation
-OMG! Dorian’s reaction (Scream) after she sent the picture to David was priceless
-I am laughing so hard at Todd grabbing Schuyler by the nose. Is this the two stooges?
Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
2:12 pm
American Idol-Top 8-Songs from the year “you” were born
-Adam’s hair is back to normal. He has the pimp spot. Whoohoo
-OMG are they not announcing the judges and Ryan? Best show already. Hope they got rid of announcer guy for good
-Hey the bald guy from Fringe is there in character. How fun
-Judges baby pics. Let’s hope announcer wasn’t gone just for this week to show pics. Kara looks miserable in her picture. Well that wasn’t exactly a baby picture, Paula. Wow Simon was a really cute looking kid. Ryan just looked goofy

Danny Gokey-”Stand by me” All I can think about is Archie’s version which was Amazing. Ok this is totally different arrangement. I like changing a song but this isn’t working for me at all. He’s singing it ok. The ending was at least great!

Kris Allen-Pre interview with Ryan. He went to the beach on his day off to do cheesy things like ride the ferris wheel and they operator asked him if he was the guy from idol and when he said yes the guy said for him to say hi to adam. Such a great story . Aww he wanted to be a taxi driver. After last week I am so excited to see him. “All she wants to do is dance” Good vocals and I guess the song suits him well but I don’t like the song and I am really starting to hate the in the crowd performances. I think the judges are going to bash him. They do. Sorry, Simon how was that indulgent? But it was forgettable. Darn it.

Lil Rounds-”What’s love got to do with it” Alright. Like the song choice but there are just too many “Lil’s” in the world. She needs to change things up. Wow Simon. You are right. She was walking like Tina too. She’s not living up to judges potential but I don’t care. Lil, again you’re promising america and the judges to take a leap? Stop promising if you can’t deliver.

Anoop Desai-”True Colors” Totally a safe choice of song. In the preinterview they make a big deal about how I guess Anoop said “Excuse me” last week after Kara criticized him. I don’t remember this. Why are they bringing this up? And why is he apologizing? He got “Caught up” in the moment. Was that supposed to be funny? Yes, born same day as Cook. Wow it’s Steve from Blues Clues. He does so much better when he’s singing ballads. It was pleasant. I am sure he will be safe. Simon makes no sense. He says that if they can be mean to the contestants the contestants can be mean back. Right, like Megan last week? We all saw how you treated her simon

Scott Macintyre-Scott loves Halloween, playing the spooky music on the piano. That was weird pre package but funny. “The search is over” He has an electric guitar. Well play it already Scott!Ok vocals. Some bad notes. He seems awkward. I’m not impressed by anyone tonight. Paula says it should have been an acoustic guitar and Scott says “Punk side coming out” he is so funny.

Alison Iraheta-”I can’t make you love me” Oh I love this song. I remember when Kimberly Locke and Constantine perform it. She totally made it her own. She’s the best yet. Just really enjoyed it. I think this is her first ballad. Really nice

Matt Giraud-Wow this angel play he was the lead in when he was a kid was like the match game. “Part time lover” Oh I think I’m gonna love this. Oh he’s killing it already, Totally his kind of song. He made it his own. Really enjoyed this. Paula “Standing O” is not two words according to me.

Adam Lambert-Ahhh! A picture of him as a vampire. Pic of him as phantom? Can this get better? Loved how he said he loved everything except sports. “Mad world” Oooh. I actually do know this song. Very low key, Adam very stripped down. I love this song. Very controlled, very beautiful, very haunting. Best of the night. So they ran like 7 minutes over time so Simon only got to talk but he gave Adam a standing ovation. Has that ever happened before? I don’t think so. Bravo Adam
2:11 pm
4-7-09-Tuesday-Eye of the needle
-David! What a surprise! I love you
-More gym scenes. Bree makes a special appearance at the gym
-So destiny can leave school cause it’s lunch time?
-David’s commercial. I have a feeling it’s going to embarrass Dorian
-Wow. Brody makes as much sense as Gigi does
-How is Stacey going to get out of these injections?
-Matthew sort of running into the door with his wheelchair made things feel real
-Are Ray/Dorian watching “Who wants to be a millionaire?”
-Omg! David’s commercial. Laughing so hard. He always steals the show
-Stacey does kind of get that Shane has been through a lot worse than just getting needles
-Now Rex is mad. He doesn’t want to hear anything about Stacey
-I loved Stacey having to hear what Michael was going to do to her
-”Have a seat” haha. David’s dance was so adorable. “Did you see me wink or was it too subtle? Lol
-Who is it that Sean doesn’t want Destiny to call?
-Rex says Stacey is the one coming through. Not gigi.
-Roxy “Whatever is in needles I hope it kills you and makes you fat”
-Rachel’s back in new form
-Well at least Stacey is going through some pain for her plan
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
11:51 am
Buffy The Vampire Slayer-Never kill a boy on the first date
-Is it fork guy again? No just a random vamp. Ugh he is so ugly. I can’t get used to see unattractive vampires
-Giles rating Buffy on her slaying skills was awesome
-The master is back talking about an anointed one
-I’m getting bad vibes about Owen, but that’s cause I’m suspicious about everyone
-Love how Giles is so surprised that someone has come into the library to check out a book
-Buffy is trying to look book smart
-Xander “How’d the laying go? Didn’t mean that either” best line!
-Buffy just wants to be a normal teenager and go out on a date
-The most boring stake-out ever haha
-Buffy’s tiger jacket is way loud!
-Can’t Buffy tell that Owen is not happy dancing with Cordelia?
-Looks like Bad ADR on weirdo bus guy
-That bus attack was kind of gruesome even though we didn’t see anything
-haha at Owen’s pocket watch vs. Xander’s tweety watch
-Wow. Those dresses Buffy was optioning wearing for her date were way short
-That’s Owen, That’s Giles.
-Buffy has a beeper. That made me laugh
-I really hope Owen is not a bad guy, kind of hard to believe since they knew him
-Anytime the vampires hiss I laugh. Can’t help it
-Angel walks in. Love how Cordelia is getting no love.
-Owen brought Buffy a muffin? I thought she asked for something fattening?
-Omg! Are they all going to go to the funeral home?
-Oh ok. Owen is staying
-Oh shoot. Owen showed up. Something bad might happen
-Giles sliding out of one of the body trays in the morgue has to be the best entrance on this show ever!
-Looks like the gang has found the anointed one. Is owen going to die?
-This bad vamp is totally cracking me up unintentionally. This is bad
-Did Owen really just die? Oh he didn’t cool. Well anointed one is set into fire, but Owen was out for all of that
-OMG! Owen wants to be with Buffy for the excitement. I totally wasn’t expecting that
-Wow buffy “It’s not you, it’s me. Let’s be friends” Can we say clichéd?
-I get why Buffy couldn’t see Owen. She knows that in time he would end up in danger or killed.
-OMG weirdo wasn’t the anointed one. It’s the little kid from the bus. Killer ending

My thoughts-Okay I liked this episode. I liked what it was about in the sense that it tried to show Buffy trying to have a normal life while being a slayer. She is a teenager after all. The way she was all smitten over Owen was really cute and totally girlie. It’s also an important episode because I think she realizes now that she can’t have a normal life and date regular boys because too much danger is involved. So that part of the story I really enjoyed, What I’m still having a hard time with is the vampires. They look wrong (Hey I like my vamps attractive, or at least scary, and they are neither of the two) Seriously the weirdo guy kept cracking me up. I can’t take it seriously. However I loved the surprise ending with the anointed one turning out to be the little boy on the bus. Actually can’t wait to see where this story goes.

My Grade-B+
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