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AI-Top 5-Rat Pack Era

American Idol-Top 5-Standards from the Rat Pack Era

-Ok Adam is going last. Kris is first. Kris looks hot. Alison looks beautiful
-Yeah, it would have made more sense for Michael Buble to be the mentor. But it’s Jamie Foxx. Whatever.

Kris Allen-Pre interview. Wait so with a download we get an autograph? Cool. Jamie says Kris isn’t doing the throat Olympics. He says he’s 1 is his book and wants to work with him. Wasn’t expecting that. “The way you look tonight” I love that song. I really liked it. Vocally strong and that last note was hot. Not quite like the last few weeks, but still awesome. Randy says it’s his best performance. I don’t agree with that, but I’ll take that. Kara says he’s the dark horse. He really is. Simon says he doesn’t feel Kris can win.

Alison Iraheta- She celebrated her 17th bday. “Someone to watch over me” Jamie tells her to sing about family. Wow! She looks like a star up there. Perfect vocals. Just beautiful. Randy says she’s like Pink but with more octaves. Kara says that if her performance that night doesn’t get her into finales she doesn’t know what will. Sorry, But Alison won’t be in finale. Simon wants to know if she thinks she can win. She says anyone can win. She needs confidence.

Matt Giraud-”My funny valentine” Jamie had no advice but then came back to tell Matt to change the key. I’m on the fence. It was good, but I wasn’t loving it, and I do love that song. Maybe I’m partial to Constantine’s version. I’m really shocked the judges didn’t throw him under the bus. Simon said he was brilliant. What’s going on?

Danny Gokey-Come rain or come shine” OMG I just about died laughing when Jamie had Danny sing right into his face “I’m going to love you” Wow. This is the first time I’m liking Danny and finally seeing what some of the hype is about. But it’s a little to late to get on my good side. What about all the other rotten performances or mediocre ones he’s had? This is the best Danny has ever done. He had such conviction. I’m actually going to guess that he’s going to be the best of the night. Wonder why they didn’t give him the pimp spot. Yes, Randy. He could have that kind of album

Adam Lambert-”Feeling Good” He’s gonna do the Muse version. Jamie “You don’t care about who I am at all” Adam’s reaction, laughing and walking away from the piano was priceless. I don’t know. I should be loving this, but I’m just liking it. Though that last note? Holy Heck that was amazing. Randy says it was kind of theatrical and Simon says him complaining about that is like complaining about a cow mooing. LOL. Simon also banishes Ryan from the stairs after Adam’s super cool entrance.

Best of Night-Danny. Can’t believe I said that
Who should go home-Matt
Who will go home-Alison.
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