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American Idol-Top 7 Results

So they are doing split screens of the contestants. I wish I had this on tape so I could slow it down because I’m sure there is importance in it. Idol likes to tell us in some ways who is going to win, who is going to be in the finale by doing certain things. Like it’s no coincidence that Adam/Danny were the last two split screens
-Disco medley by original artists? Not looking forward to that. But Archie. He’s adorable
-Paula is choreographing the group number. This is cute Danny thinks of himself as a good dancer? What world is he living on? Matt downloading himself as a What happened to Adam’s glasses? Did he lose them? This is so lip synched, yet they have the stupid head microphones. It’s the Britney Spears effect. This was pretty fun to watch. I guess they had to wait for Scott to leave to do this. Paula got flowers. I really wish this had happened last year. Just imagine Cook, Castro and Archie dancing.
-Ford Vid. Nothing lives up to the “Circus” one but this is cute, everyone working their day jobs until they get to go to open mic night
-Results. Lil is first. Don’t know how they are doing results. Ok they are doing sides of the stages I think because they sent Lil to the left side. Oh wow. That’s it. She was just booted. I’m not surprised she’s out but they way they did it was shocking, which was cool. Lil performs. Pretty good. Only 18 minutes into the show, they are so gonna save the last result for the end
-Here we go. The dreaded disco medley. First woman has a really bad prom dress on. She is singing “Band of Gold”. I never considered this a disco song. She did alright. Next woman, this is totally a disco song. I think zombies tore off the front part of her dress. At least she’s singing this decently and having fun with Simon. Oh no. it’s K. C. I know what we’re in for and it’s not good. He looks like a lame pirate. This is so bad. Don’t sing. Don’t dance. Just don’t. This is sad, and hard to watch. Just make it go away. Oh Thank God. That’s it. Whew
-Wait so they are still doing the bottom three? Kris is first. Ahhhh. I think he’s safe. Yes he is. Still never in bottom 3. Go Kris. He’s like the reverse Castro in the sense that he’s getting better and better each week. When it counts. Adam. Tons of screams. We know he’s safe. I like how Ryan just said casually “Just take a seat. You’re safe” Ok I think I can breathe easy now. Danny. Hmmm. Could he possibly be in the bottom 3? Oh please. Simon is being cruel and doesn’t want to explain what being clumsy means. What’s his problem? Man, he’s safe. Wait. There’s only three left on the couch. Aren’t they the bottom three? What’s going on? Anoop is in the bottom. Oh it’s the bottom two, cause Lil was technically the 3rd. Ok down to Alison/Matt. It’s gotta be Matt. What? He’s safe. How is Alison in the bottom so many times? She was so awesome this week. Alison is taking it all in stride, singing “Here it goes again” haha. Please let it be Anoop
-Archie is on singing “Touch my hand” Did his voice get lower? Wow this isn’t working at all. His voice is totally off. This is not the Archie I’m used to. The song is ok, but it’s clear why I didn’t buy his cd. I knew he was touring with Mcfly (which is huge) but Demi Lovato too? So cool. I love her and Mcfly. Archie is giving a speech to the bottom 2. Seriously is he going to stop talking soon? Cause he just goes on and on and on
-Ok Final judgement. If it’s Alison and they wasted the save last week, I’m gonna scream. It’s anoop. Thank God. Let’s look back at the amazing journey of the names of Anoop and Lil. Lil seems happy. Ryan’s giving Lil another chance to talk? Come on. Anoop, thank you for acknowledging the people behind the scenes.
-The right two people went home.
-Next week’s them. Rat Pack! Whoohoo!
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