for_no_one1014 (for_no_one1014) wrote in crusader50_tv,

4-22-09-Wednesday- Ungentle love

-Wow. Can Christian show any emotion? Tika is rocking this scene. It’s the best work Tika has had the opportunity of doing.
-I got a little choked up when Antonio touched Talia
-I can already tell. Tika is going to be the best part of today’s episode. Why do they not give this actress more meaty material to do? She is wonderful. I’ve known that, but sometimes you forget.
-Michael Easton is looking a lot more like he did when he first joined Port Charles
-Uh Tea/Todd do realize they have cameras in court right? Anyway that was hot. It’s like I love you, I really hate you.
-Ray, lola is more than wounded. She’s crazy!
-I’m kind of happy that Starr admitted there was something between her and Cole. It’s like the old Starr is back
-Like we’re really supposed to fall for thinking Antonio thinks John is the killer?
-Ok I laughed out loud when Todd tried to zipper Tea’s dress and she angrily shooed him away.
-Look at that! Memories of Talia we’ve never seen!
-Poor Jamie. I guess this means Antonio is moving and this is his out. What the heck is Antonio going to do to get John out of jail? Oh he totally just passed something to John during that handsake.
-Rachel is an awesome counselor. I’m glad that Cole turned in the drugs he had, but does nobody at this center check people’s pockets when they enter?
-Kamar rocked the scene where he said goodbye to Talia holding her lifeless body
-RJ! I really don’t know why I’m so happy to see him. I have no idea of his history with Tea
-John’s escape was the easiest jailbreak ever. But this is going to make him look more suspicious.
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