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Buffy the vampire slayer-The pack

-The gang is at the zoo. A group of kids are teasing Buffy. They must be the pack
-Oh lance is in trouble. Are they Hyenas?
-Hyenas call out your name at night. Kind of creepy
-Wow that’s a really fake hyena
-Hmm. Were the group hyenas before? No I actually think they just got possessed now…along with Xander
-I’m really liking horrible Xander
-Ok so the pig knew something was up with Xander before Buffy did?
-I’m a little shocked Willow is so good at dodge ball
-OMG. Xander totally just hit Willow on purpose. I feel so bad for Willow
-You know this Hyena thing could be really cheesy but I’m loving it
-Wow! It was hard to watch when the pack turned on Lance and started pelting him
-Poor Willow again! Xander totally just made fun of her and enjoyed doing so.
-Hey it’s Steven from “Fuse” again, with highlights (lol) talking about music
-God I love this pack
-OMG. The slow motion scene of the pack walking around outside of school was totally engaging. This is slow motion used properly!
-Willow thinks there’s something wrong with her and not Xander. Awww
-Willow “Why couldn’t Xander be possessed by a puppy or some ducks?” lol
-Wow. That Xander/Buffy scene where it was almost like sexual assault was creepy but so awesome. I was glued to the screen.
-The goofy principal just got eaten by the pack!!!
-Wait. There’s a cage in the library?
-Ok the scene where the girl with the baby stumbled upon the pack in the woods waking up and almost attacking her was scary!
-Xander’s playing with Lilly’s emotions just to let him out
-Yes! Willow wasn’t fooled by Xander
-Oh great. The pack is gonna come after Willow
-Ok the pack climbing up the library windows calling out to Willow was sooo chilling
-Hmmm. What’s with random family? Oh they got attacked by the pack in their car. Yikes
-Love Buffy on top of the car
-I have a bad feeling this zookeeper isn’t a good guy
-Willow is in trouble again!
-Now the powers left the kids and went into the zookeeper
-Well the zookeeper was just eaten by the hyenas
-So Xander lied about having no memory about what he did to any of them, and Giles knows he was lying but swears to keep his secret.

My Thoughts-Ok another non vampire episode, and what do you know, just like “witch” it’s another home run. An episode about a group of kids possessed by hyenas could have come off as really cheesy and bad (like the bug episode) but this was executed so well. The stunts have gotten so much better, the direction of the episode was great. The shock of the principal being killed. I loved evil Xander, I really did. So many parts of the episode were truly creepy and I never would have thought scenes like that would be a part of this episode. I think what I loved most about this episode was that, yeah, it was about Hyena possession, but what it really was about, was Xander and his relationship with Buffy and Willow. We see how Willow really feels about Xander and how hurt she is when he treats her horribly. It says a lot about Willow and her insecurities because she assumes something is wrong with her. Also Xander’s relationship with Buffy, and how much he is into her and likes feeling dangerous because those are the type of guys she goes for. Still the heart of the episode was Willow/Xander. That’s what helped this episode go beyond just another “creature of the week” episode.

My Grade-A+
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