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How I met your mother-Slutty Pumpkin

-It’s a Halloween episode! Yay!
-Barney is so right about girls letting out their inner hoe bags. “Slutty cat, slutty witch”
-LOL at everyone telling Ted’s story. Their friendships feel so authentic
-OMG. Lilly as Sonny and Marshall as Cher? Awesome
-Wow. Who would have thought Marshall would have made an amazing Jack Sparrow?
-Lily needing help using the bathroom cause her costume is elaborate. So true
-OMG. Barney’s flight pilot slow motion, music playing, hair tossing entrance? BEST ENTRANCE EVER! Laughed for like two minutes
-Barney “Here’s the plan and I crap you not”
-Robin’s date showed up in costume and she had none
-The singing group at the party!
-Marshall’s pirate voice was sooo goofy. I think I really love Marshall
-”The Barnacle”
-Barney’s spare costume as the devil
-Priceless scene where the devil and angel are on each side of Ted weighing in on him peeing off the room
-Loved Lilly/Marshall’s picture and how they tried to make it seem that Lilly was on his shoulder by having her stand on top of the bar in the back
-Robin is so bad at the dating thing. Her nickname for Mike “Microwave oven” haha
-Barney’s magic trick exit backfiring. Lol
-Don’t blame Mike for breaking up with Robin. She was being really weird
-Is the penguin the slutty pumpkin? I don’t think so. I bet it’s Barney
-Yup. It’s Barney
-Barney flipper-ing Ted off
-Marshall winning costume contest for gay pirate

My Thoughts-I LOVED this episode. I can’t get over how strong the first season of this show started out. Usually it takes time for a show to get into it’s groove, but they’ve already found it. First of all it’s a Halloween episode and I love Halloween, so I was excited to watch this one. I like how Ted waiting for the slutty pumpkin was kind of like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin (even though they never mentioned that) The Halloween party up on the roof was filled with great scenes, mostly thanks to Barney who had multiple costumes and added a lot of humor to the episode. I don’t think anything can top that entrance AND the angel/devil scene was so perfect. Robin’s storyline was helped greatly by the cuteness and comedy of Lilly/Marshall. I am so falling in love with Marshall and I never thought that would ever happen.

My Grade-A+
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