for_no_one1014 (for_no_one1014) wrote in crusader50_tv,

4-13-09-Monday-Past, present tense

-So in the process of kissing Stacey, Schuyler got a black eye?
-Yes, Jessica. You’re not the only one who thinks Gigi is not making sense
-Wow. Schuyler really does love Stacey
-Todd is just trying to play head games with Zach. We all know he loves Starr
-Rex! He would have heard the truth if he hadn’t jumped in!
-How the heck would Marty know about air ducts?
-Why is Cole so un-high right now?
-Starr, Zach just let go of you. Run or at least take the tape off of your mouth
-Wow! Natalie and Jared are *so* smart for burning the evidence in their room
-Why is nobody hearing John crawling around?
-Finally Starr escaped
-Omg a Jared and Natalie sex tape? I don’t even want to think about that
-Is it really that easy to break a dvd, Natalie?
-John took down Zach
-So in a second (Which was all it took for Rex to enter Shane’s hospital room) Somehow Schuyler left his place and came back and Kyle showed up???
-Come On Roxy. Tell Gigi the truth. Ok well you told her some of it.
-I was laughing at Todd trying to not get in the way of the gun and the way he just picked it up and fired it? Well it wasn’t exactly in self defense.
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