for_no_one1014 (for_no_one1014) wrote in crusader50_tv,

4-10-09-Friday-Payback is a …

-Oh Markko! Just tell the truth
-Todd “My daughter is with a convicted…well”
-It really moved me when Ray said “No woman should be taken from their husband”
-Oh Thank God Markko told the truth. Now Langston. Believe him.
-Wait so Stacey doesn’t get why he got involved with Starr but then wonders why he didn’t get with her?
-At least Ray is manning up to his games. He’s winning me back
-Oooh David’s calling. Is he gonna be on?
-I love how Jess kind of looks like Tess
-OMG Zach took Starr to the bedroom
-Todd just pay Zach already
-Ok so Stacey was kidding. I really do like Schuyler/Stacey
-Now Dorian tells David the photo was a joke
-OMG Lola. She told Ray that she told the truth but Langston wouldn’t understand and called her a slut. She is evil
-Thank you Langston for believing in Markko. And I think it’s eventually going to come out that Lola killed her mother
-Gigi is gonna tell Jess the truth
-Oooh Rex overhead Gigi tell Jess that nothing happened with Brody. I hope this sets the wheels in Rex’s head in motion
-I liked the Stacey/Schuyler kiss
-Is Zach really suggesting raping Starr? Yikes
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