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American Idol-Top 8-Results

-Again the dramatic “finale” style type of recap. This is so much better than just boring recaps
-Look It’s Mario Lopez in the audience. Oh joy! Blah
-Flo-Rida/Kellie Pickler tonight. Ugh
-Kara says one of the front runners is having an identity crisis. Has to be Lil
-I don’t know what to say about the photoshopped pic of Simon and Paula together as babies
-Simon was born the year “Venus” came out. Dude I love that song. Yes I’m aware most people who are 25 don’t know that song but I’ve loved it since I was tiny.
-OMG Frankie Avalon is really there. He’s singing Venus. This makes up for the other musical acts. Simon is really surprised. The judges are so thrilled
-Group song. “Can’t get you out of my head” well it’s live but this is a terrible choice. At least Scott is not stuck at the piano. Lots of Adam time. Loved that he got the line “There’s a dark secret in me” hehe
-Ok behind the scenes of ford video. It’s like a magic show. Adam’s hair and makeup is almost like Cook’s in Tainted Love. Could it be? Could my favorite director be doing this video? YESSSS. It’s Shane Drake! He talks about piercing the audience’s souls. Love him to death. “You strike a pose and be kind of magical” he is sooo crazy! Ah they are doing “Circus” That was the best video of the year. But why was anoop of all people dressed like a valet?
-Yes, Adam. Simon’s never stood up in all 8 years. Wow Matt has a really aggressive fan in the audience. Results. Adam is up. Like we even have to bother.
-Kris is up too along with Anoop. Oh no dial idol. Com put Kris in Bottom three, possibly leaving. Please, Not Kris.
-Oooh I love that the judges are getting a chance to talk about Adam’s performance. Adam is safe. No kidding.
-Kris and Anoop. One is in the bottom three. It’s anoop. Yes. Kris is once again not in the bottom three. Whoo hoo. Sail on Kris! I really don’t care now who goes home as long as Alison is safe.
-Here comes Flo-Rida obviously pre-taped. I’m confused. How many people are singing this song. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard, but I could do without this. Lots of people are just wandering the stage. LOL at the shot of the singer girl just shaking her shoulders. So ridiculous. When Flo-Rida threw his sweatshirt I totally thought a body flew in the air. Now THAT would have been entertaining. Wait. What did “Roots” stand for? Rappers overcoming the struggle? What about the other O? Maybe I missed something. They totally edited out the website to check him out. It’s the braddy all over again.
-Ok they’ve moved Danny to top row. He’s safe, Darn.
-Matt. Come on. Be safe. Man that fan is really aggressive. Why do they always have to mess with Matt’s mind? Ugh
-Scott. Oh he’s in bottom three. We all know it.
-Anoop do you not want to sit near Scott? What was that all about? I’m not liking you, Anoop
-Alison and Lil. God please let it be Lil. It’s mentioned that she’s never been in the bottom 3 so I think it’s going to be her. Yup it is. Yay! Though she won’t go home just yet.
-This is exactly who the bottom 3 should be.
-Uh Simon says the “save” never mattered before? Uh what about Alexis? That safe mattered the most because she would have gotten to go on tour.
-Hmm. Simon says considering 1 or two to save. Please don’t save Lil. Nobody here deserves to be saved. They’ve only got like two more weeks left to use the save so if Adam/Danny never make it in the bottom, save the save for Kris or Alison.
-Kellie Pickler. Not much to say. The song isn’t bad.
-Ok Lil is safe
-Hmm. I’m gonna say Anoop is gone. Either way nobody is gonna be saved, though they might consider it if it’s Scott
-Wow. Anoop looks so mad. I hate his attitude.
-Scott is gone. He’s gonna sing with no guitar. He’s doing a good job
-The girls are standing up. I think they would consider the save on him, but try getting a yes from all the judges and it won’t happen. I think the girls are just cheering Scott on for all he’s accomplished.
-Simon says he didn’t care about the save last week and neither did Megan. He says two people think Scott should stay. Hmmm. Wonder who that could be? Lol
-Don’t beg Scott!
-Oh god, just tell Scott his fate already. Ok, not saved. I actually thought he’d last a bit longer. Like one week longer, certainly past anoop.
-I don’t know if producer manipulation was involved with Kris not being in the bottom three at all, but I suspect it was. As much as I hate manipulation, when it goes my way, I’m happy!
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