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OLTL-Teach your Children well/+ Thursday

4-8-09-Wednesday-Teach your children well

-Starr, did Cole really mess everything up between you and Schuyler?
-Dude, John. Are you even armed?
-Jack is awesome calling Dorian kissing Ray cheating and then when Dorian grabbed him saying that is what you call abuse. OMG. He said to Ray “Hey Senor” He is so Todd
-Oh Schuyler. Come on. We all know you want to read Starr’s letter
-Starr you actually didn’t tell Blair that the guy you liked was your ex teacher
-Oooh we’re going to get a Cole/Todd scene. Love those
-OMG. Todd imitating Cole/Brandon “w….w…wasted” LOL.
-Starr is a little bit psycho but I do believe Schuyler does have feelings for her.
-Is Ray using reverse psychology on Jack?
-Is John trying to get arrested? What?
-Oh so Ray’s just trying to scare Jack
-Blair, you sicken me. You know good and well that John only married you to help you.
-Oh ok. So John wants Fish and Talia to search Zach’s place
-Cole telling Todd about Schuyler/Starr. Yikes!
-I think Starr is kind of half delusional. I wouldn’t say Schuyler is sooo into her, but he’s into her
-Wow. She said she loved Schuyler.
-OMG I cannot wait for Todd to confront Schuyler
-Jack “Your uncle is a horse’s butt” love Jack
-Oooh Schuyler wants to write Starr a letter
-Rachel understands Cole. I like this new Rachel
-How did Cole get knocked out?
Schuyler threw away whatever he started to write to Starr, but too late cause Todd’s there.
-Starr walks in on Zach. Trouble!

4-9-09-Thursday (Some Spanish Title)
-Lola! Ugh. She just annoys the heck out of me
-Schuyler and Todd are going to be awesome
-Starr/Zach are gonna be awesome too
-Um, like Ray has the right to judge Lola for making moves on Markko when he’s doing the same thing with Dorian?
-Yeah, Jack may turn into Todd
-Tea/Vicki boring. Is this all vicki is on now for? As a soundboard?
-Continuity problem Why is Marty’s hair all of a sudden straight?
-OMG. Scott Clifton was amazing. All these years of watching him on GH and I’ve never seen him cry an actual tear. Bravo Scott
-Zach is actually making sense to Starr
-Ewww at Langston asking Dorian if her uncle was a good kisser
-OMG at Todd saying that Schuyler’s mom killed herself because she found out he swam in the kiddie pool.
-Is Zach coming on to Starr? Creepy! Yes! Cole’s awake
-Trevor is really awesome as well today. He really does have problems with any guy Starr likes because of his past
-oooh I knew cole was using his phone
-delete the pic Dorian!
-Yay lola for calling out Ray
-Wow! Schuyler says that if starr is going after the wrong guys it’s todd’s fault
-Now John knows about the hostage situation
-OMG! Dorian’s reaction (Scream) after she sent the picture to David was priceless
-I am laughing so hard at Todd grabbing Schuyler by the nose. Is this the two stooges?
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