for_no_one1014 (for_no_one1014) wrote in crusader50_tv,

4-7-09-Tuesday-Eye of the needle

-David! What a surprise! I love you
-More gym scenes. Bree makes a special appearance at the gym
-So destiny can leave school cause it’s lunch time?
-David’s commercial. I have a feeling it’s going to embarrass Dorian
-Wow. Brody makes as much sense as Gigi does
-How is Stacey going to get out of these injections?
-Matthew sort of running into the door with his wheelchair made things feel real
-Are Ray/Dorian watching “Who wants to be a millionaire?”
-Omg! David’s commercial. Laughing so hard. He always steals the show
-Stacey does kind of get that Shane has been through a lot worse than just getting needles
-Now Rex is mad. He doesn’t want to hear anything about Stacey
-I loved Stacey having to hear what Michael was going to do to her
-”Have a seat” haha. David’s dance was so adorable. “Did you see me wink or was it too subtle? Lol
-Who is it that Sean doesn’t want Destiny to call?
-Rex says Stacey is the one coming through. Not gigi.
-Roxy “Whatever is in needles I hope it kills you and makes you fat”
-Rachel’s back in new form
-Well at least Stacey is going through some pain for her plan
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