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Buffy The Vampire Slayer-Never kill a boy on the first date

-Is it fork guy again? No just a random vamp. Ugh he is so ugly. I can’t get used to see unattractive vampires
-Giles rating Buffy on her slaying skills was awesome
-The master is back talking about an anointed one
-I’m getting bad vibes about Owen, but that’s cause I’m suspicious about everyone
-Love how Giles is so surprised that someone has come into the library to check out a book
-Buffy is trying to look book smart
-Xander “How’d the laying go? Didn’t mean that either” best line!
-Buffy just wants to be a normal teenager and go out on a date
-The most boring stake-out ever haha
-Buffy’s tiger jacket is way loud!
-Can’t Buffy tell that Owen is not happy dancing with Cordelia?
-Looks like Bad ADR on weirdo bus guy
-That bus attack was kind of gruesome even though we didn’t see anything
-haha at Owen’s pocket watch vs. Xander’s tweety watch
-Wow. Those dresses Buffy was optioning wearing for her date were way short
-That’s Owen, That’s Giles.
-Buffy has a beeper. That made me laugh
-I really hope Owen is not a bad guy, kind of hard to believe since they knew him
-Anytime the vampires hiss I laugh. Can’t help it
-Angel walks in. Love how Cordelia is getting no love.
-Owen brought Buffy a muffin? I thought she asked for something fattening?
-Omg! Are they all going to go to the funeral home?
-Oh ok. Owen is staying
-Oh shoot. Owen showed up. Something bad might happen
-Giles sliding out of one of the body trays in the morgue has to be the best entrance on this show ever!
-Looks like the gang has found the anointed one. Is owen going to die?
-This bad vamp is totally cracking me up unintentionally. This is bad
-Did Owen really just die? Oh he didn’t cool. Well anointed one is set into fire, but Owen was out for all of that
-OMG! Owen wants to be with Buffy for the excitement. I totally wasn’t expecting that
-Wow buffy “It’s not you, it’s me. Let’s be friends” Can we say clichéd?
-I get why Buffy couldn’t see Owen. She knows that in time he would end up in danger or killed.
-OMG weirdo wasn’t the anointed one. It’s the little kid from the bus. Killer ending

My thoughts-Okay I liked this episode. I liked what it was about in the sense that it tried to show Buffy trying to have a normal life while being a slayer. She is a teenager after all. The way she was all smitten over Owen was really cute and totally girlie. It’s also an important episode because I think she realizes now that she can’t have a normal life and date regular boys because too much danger is involved. So that part of the story I really enjoyed, What I’m still having a hard time with is the vampires. They look wrong (Hey I like my vamps attractive, or at least scary, and they are neither of the two) Seriously the weirdo guy kept cracking me up. I can’t take it seriously. However I loved the surprise ending with the anointed one turning out to be the little boy on the bus. Actually can’t wait to see where this story goes.

My Grade-B+
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